I started blocking in this painting for the Capitola Plein Air and couldn’t quite get it done. Who can resist purple awnings, right? So I went back after the event and nearly finished it. When the homeowner came out and saw me working, she was so ecstatic to see the painting included so many elements she loved about her house, that she playfully spanked  me as she listed them ...”the Aloha sign!” (Spank!) “the orange door” (Spank!) the birds of paradise! (Spank!) I don’t expect to ever get spanked again for what turned out to be a double sale! She wanted a second painting to give to her Scottish in-laws who had stayed there all summer and dubbed it, “ our wee little hoose.”

So I stayed on and painted the afternoon sun on the house. Very interesting to try 2 lighting conditions. I can’t think of a single impressionist painter who ever did that! But just give me a monet and I'll think of someone!

“The Aloha House” 12x16”    

“The Aloha House” 12x16” 



“Our Wee Little Hoose” 




This is why I had to stop painting that first day; the clouds moved in and I lost the light. 


My new friends were thrilled to find a painter outside of their home.